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Project Walker

Project Walker is an addon heavily inspired by the Walking Dead TV show.

Project Walker is an addon heavily inspired by the Walking Dead TV show. The backstory behind the addon reads as follows: due to a previously unknown pandemic, the people of Minecraft started to turn into zombies. You now ought to survive in a harsh new environment, using guns, cold weapons, and explosives.

Weapons and compatible ammo

Project Walker introduces a lot of new content to Minecraft: weapons, new zombies, structure generation, and more.


Every weapon you can see on the screenshots can be acquired in survival mode. Weapons, ammunition, and explosives can be found in loot crates scattered all around the world. It’s like a survival single-player battle royale with zombies.

Loot Crates


Forget about slow zombies that are too easy to kill. The add-on introduces fast and dangerous zombies – that do not burn on sunlight and often go in a pack.

New Zombies

Other features worth mentioning:

  • Canned food – can be found in loot crates.
  • Medkits – restore health.
  • Infection – a player can be infected by a zombie and needs to be treated with a cure.
  • Melee Weapons.
  • Abandoned buildings generation.
  • Survivors and Bandits.

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How do you open the crates I hit them they make a noise and I get nothing from me with an answer

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