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Naruto Jedy V7 addon

Naruto addon is a massive expansion to Minecraft that introduces ninja gameplay to the game.

Naruto addon is a massive expansion to Minecraft that introduces ninja gameplay to the game. Learn powerful ninja techniques called Jutsus. Fight with other ninjas and even bosses – Bijuus, also known as tailed beasts. Now, let’s take a look at what gameplay systems this addon has to offer.


Chakra – it is the main resource for the ninja, allows you to perform Jutsus. There are three types of it – Nano Chakra, Chakra, and Giga Chakra. Collect chakra by slaying Nukenin ninjas.

All Jutsus available: Rasengan, Rasengan Bijuu, Chidori, Rasenshuriken, Throwing Rasenshuriken, Mini Rasenshuriken, C1 Clay, Wave of Truth, Amaterasu, Pillar of Earth, Water Vortex, Gale Palm, Flaming Wave, Lightning Snake, Blood Red, Visualize, Time Travel, Chibaku Tensei.


Ryo – is money in this world, spend it on food at Ichiraku’s or exchange it for weapons with Tenten.


Sharingan and Byakugan are a few of several eye techniques that you will be able to perform in the game.

Curse of Hate

Curse of Heart can be acquired by taming a wolf and killing him right after. It is a way to open Mangekyou.

Yellow scroll

Yellow scrolls are randomly scattered around the world – collect them to get a Biju summoning item.


Every fight with a tailed beast is special – those creatures are a giant chakra reservoir. If you’ve watched Naruto anime, you know how dangerous they are.


All nine of them will be available in the game:

  • Shukaku
  • Matatabi
  • Isobu
  • Sim Goku
  • Kokuo
  • Saiken
  • Choumei
  • Gyuki
  • Kurama
Clothes Bench and Jutsu Bench
Naruto’s Outfit
Jounin Outfit
Akatsuki Outfit

Try on amazing outfits straight from the anime. Become the Hokage, a member of Akatsuki, or just a random ninja.

Raikage Steve

Character modes: Boro, Otsutsuki Mode, Borushiki, Mitsuki Mode, Bakuton, Nara, Butterfly, Marks of the Curse, Ashura MK, God Shinobi, God Shinobi Complete, God Universal, Edo Tensei (Itachi, Nagato, Normal, Madara ) Jigen Karma and its Phases, Indra’s Susanoo, Indra’s Mangekyou, Jogan Level Increase, Hidan’s Ritual Mode.

Make sure to enable all “Experimental gameplay” options in a world setting.

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