Addons for MCPE 1.20.73

Furnicraft addon

Decorate your home using the furniture from the Furnicraft addon in Minecraft PE.

Decorate your home using the furniture from the Furnicraft addon in Minecraft PE. Take advantage of having more than 100 items to fill up every room. Change the colors of the furniture to create a unique environment that will fit your personality.

Living room

All furniture can be crafted in survival using a simple recipe of colorful clay. Put a colorful clay into crafting a table to exchange it into the furniture of your choice.

Colorful Clay crafting recipe
Exchange clay to furniture

Almost every item is functional in a way it should be in real life. You can sit on a couch, put food into a fridge or cook on a stove.


Here’s the list of furniture:

  • Trampoline
  • Swing
  • Slide
  • Trampoline for the pool
  • Christmas tree
  • Gamer PC Set
  • Piano
  • Park bench
  • Water source
  • Satanic ritual
  • Ceiling fan
  • Pool table
  • Soccer Table
  • Big chewing gum machine
  • Small chewing gum machine
  • Recreational Machine
  • Teddies machine
  • Laptop
  • Bath
  • Sink
  • Toilet
  • Watering can
  • Fridge
  • Stove
  • Microwave over
  • Laundry
  • Trophies
  • Shelves and furniture
  • Closet—(16 materials)
  • Beach chairs—(16 colors)
  • Umbrellas—(16 colors)
  • Armchairs—(16 colors)
  • Lamps—(16 colors)
  • Gamer chairs—(16 colors)
  • Beds—(16 colors)
  • chairs—(16 materials)
  • Small tables—(16 materials)
  • Big tables—(16 materials)
  • Bench—(16 materials)
  • Players—(16 skins)
  • Tv—(16 texturas)
  • Furniture for Tv—(16 colors)
  • Gifts—(16 colors)

How to get married and have a baby

You can get married in MCPE using the functionality provided by Furnicraft addon. There is an item called Diamond Ring that can be exchanged to the baby via NPC from the village. The NPC you’re trading with will be your wife/husband, so be careful.

Crafting recipe for Diamond Ring. Rose Gold can be found in caves.

After you got a baby, put a child into a cradle and give him a diamond. Wait approximately for five minutes and start feeding baby with cake, apple, sugar, golden apple to make him grow up.

Growing a baby

What’s changed:

  • Now all decorations are 3D blocks
  • Comes Alive was disabled
  • Block Geo Fixer is required now

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