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SCP: JS Edition v3

SCP: JS Edition is a crossover of Minecraft PE with a fictional organization studying aliens species.

SCP is a fan-made project inspired by X-files TV show and conspiratorial theories surrounding Area 51. SCP database contains information about hundreds of fictional species that describes their nature and abilities. The addon uses the open data to add 41 SCPs monsters into MCPE.


Your main objective on this addon is to find and defeat all SCPs.Think of that as if you were the hunter for an agency that studies supernatural species. As you will hunt down SCPs, you will gather a lot of alien material and resources that can be used in crafting weapons and other items.

Machine gun

All you need to know about the addon

  • Collect anomalous fragments and severed hands (can be found by punching people’s corpses) to make a Serpent’s Hand Boss Spawn Egg.
  • Defeat the boss to make him your ally and get a SHAG (Serpent’s Hand Anomalous Generator).
  • SHAG can be used to trade SCP Essences (New ore from deep below) for weapons and armor.
  • Trade with the Serpent’s Hand for their warper, fight the Chaos Insurgency Leader, and get an Unstable YBOD-Device.
  • Find SCP-4375-1 – can be located in the forest. You will be awarded Scranton Reality Anchors that can be used to stabilize your YBOD-Device, which will let you control SCP-4375-1.

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