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True Survival Zombie

True Survival Zombie addon will introduce you to a completely different Minecraft world after the apocalypse.

True Survival Zombie addon will introduce you to a completely different Minecraft world after the apocalypse. It is accurate to say that the game was always filled with nasty creatures, but not in THAT quantity. And unlike before, almost all of the beasts will be zombies.


In a world engulfed by a zombie infestation and chaos, factions’ rise is considered imminent. Survivors bulk into groups. Marauders raise their heads. Government forces fighting.

A Survivor

Among friendly groups will be: Survivors, Priests, Soldiers, Scientists, Hobos, and Special Forces.

Gang Leader

Hostile factions are Gang members and Savages.

Zombie Pig

Animals have not become an exception and have started turning into zombies too. Like this zombie pig, you can see above.


In the harsh reality of a world like that, guns are the main argument in any quarrel. Search for abandoned buildings to get yourself a gun. Guns need to be maintained. Once the magazine is empty, it needs to be reloaded. You will be able to do that on a Forge table exclusively.

Assault Rifle
Wire Bat
Sentry Gun

Crafting an ammo

Forge Table Crafting recipe

Prepare the forge table and find three essential resources: Sulfur Ore, Potassium Nitrate Ore, and Copper Ore. All of those ingredients plus an empty magazine will result in reloading it.

Forge table

Create a vaccine

Despite the lousy state of the world, some crazy scientists were able to create a vaccine formula against the zombie virus. Find O2 canisters and trade them for Empty Vials with a guy in a Hazmat suit. Interact with a zombie’s corpse to collect its blood into the vials. Next, find the Antidote from the random loot chests. Craft the Cure using eight portions of Zombie blood and one Antidote. And the final step will be to put the Cure into a Vortex Mixer.

Vortex Mixer

Vaccinated can be made into a traders

Vaccinated from a Zombie Virus can be assigned to a profession by giving them the following items:

  • Blacksmith = Leather Apron
  • Farmer = Blue Dungarees
  • Police Officer = Police Officers uniform
  • Horse Handler = Red Tweed Jacket
  • Book Keeper = Blue Waistcoat
  • Explorer = Brown Leather Coat
  • Default Citizen = White T-shirt
Abandoned Building 1
Crashed Plane

Make sure to enable all Experimental gameplay features.

Current version: 13.8

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