Addons for MCPE 1.21.0

ESBE Shaders

ESBE Shaders drastically changes graphics quality in Minecraft PE.

What shaders do is simply applying additional effects upon the game’s original textures. Shaders affect the water reflections, lighting dispersion, cloud render, and the sky’s quality.

Shaders improve lighting effects in Minecraft

ESBE is one of the many shaders for Minecraft PE, but it is known well among the community of players. The main features are:

  • Lightweight depiction
  • Tone map using NTSC weighted average method
  • waving leaves & water reflection depiction
  • Sparkling stars, Enhanced dusk
  • Beautiful clouds & aurora
  • Brightness varies depending on the direction
  • Compatible with both Mobile and PC(Win10)
Better skies

4 replies on “ESBE Shaders”

I love the shader, but anything that produces light does not work in daylight. Such as using it in a dark corner does nothing.

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