Addons for MCPE 1.20.73

Project Ateneu

Project Ateneu addon is here to transform your ordinary Minecraft journey into an extraordinary adventure.

Project Ateneu addon is here to transform your ordinary Minecraft journey into an extraordinary adventure. This addon, includes a wide array of content to discover, formidable enemies to conquer, a range of powerful weapons, and armor to equip.

Extreme Mode Features:

  1. Survival Challenges: Project Ateneu introduces a dynamic climate system where players must contend with cold and heat. Your actions will determine whether you remain in a neutral state, suffer dehydration in hot environments, or endure the cold’s relentless damage.
  2. Thirst Bar: Extreme Mode introduces a thirst bar, which adds an additional layer of realism to your Minecraft experience. Keep your thirst quenched by drinking water, potions, milk, or consuming fruits and soups. Even rain and being in water can replenish your thirst.
  3. Unique Tables: Two specialized crafting tables, the Reinforcing Table and the Samurai Table, offer exciting possibilities. Use the Reinforcing Table to upgrade your armor and apply various upgrades. The Samurai Table, found in samurai villages, serves a vital role in crafting powerful katanas.
Extreme conditions
Replenishing thirst

Prepare to enhance your character’s defenses with an impressive selection of armor sets:

  • Magnerita Armor: Gain speed, strength, and endurance when in hot biomes or lava.
  • Endtinum Armor: Unlock the power of teleportation when projectiles are thrown at you.
  • Coat and Yeti Coat: These outfits provide protection against the cold, essential for exploring icy terrains.
  • Heavy Golden and Heavy Diamond Armor: Earn the respect of piglins and enjoy reduced projectile damage.
  • Bronze Armor: Earn the admiration of the iglins.
Magnerita armor
  • Netherite Armor: Reduce magic damage and gain formidable protection.
  • Ravager Armor: Prepare for the “Bad Omen” effect when wearing a complete set.
  • Ruby and Sapphire Armor: Enhance your enchantment abilities and durability.
  • Scuba Suit: Achieve “water breathing” out of water.
  • Golden Quartz Armor: Look stylish while staying protected.
  • Reinforcing Iron and Reinforcing Iron (Golden) Armor: Impress piglins with your fashion sense.
  • Steel Armor: Gain excellent protection and resistance.

Armored Pets: Equip your loyal wolves with various armor types to match your preferences and playstyle. Choose from Arctic Wolves, Dark Wolves, and more, each with its own unique attributes.

Arsenal of Weapons: Discover a treasure trove of weapons, from katanas to maces, swords to spears. Here are just a few:

  • Katana: Master the art of the katana for swift, precise strikes.
  • Netherite Katana: Upgrade your katana with the power of Netherite.
  • Spider Sword: Weave webs of victory with this arachnid-inspired weapon.
  • Tizona: Unleash this legendary sword’s might.
  • Blaze Axe: Harness the fiery strength of the blaze in battle.
  • Bone Sword: A bone-chilling weapon for the bravest warriors.
  • Rending Sword: Slice through foes with this exceptional blade.
  • Steel Sword: Crafted for durability and effectiveness.
  • Ruby Mace: Crush your enemies with a touch of elegance.
  • Pirate Swords: Hoist the Jolly Roger and swing your way to victory.
Heavy armor

Pickaxes for Every Miner: Choose from a variety of pickaxes tailored to your needs, including Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Obsidian, Reinforcing, Steel, Ancient, and more.

A World Full of Mobs: Prepare to face formidable foes like the Sentinel Illager, Fighter, Elite Illager, Wandering Pillager, Captain Iglins, Pirate Iglins, Creeper Pumpkin, Hunter Villager, and more.

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