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Dragon Mounts 2

Meet 22 species of dragons in your Minecraft PE world. You can hatch them from the eggs to raise yourself a flying mount.

Use salmon to tame every dragon added into the game. Tamed dragon will be your guard and riding vehicle at the same time. Every dragon species has its own key features that distinguish them from the other.

Dragons can be found only in one of the four new biomes, which are: Scorched hills, Aether Highlands, Paradise biome, Undead hills biome. Some species don’t get along with each other, and it’s safer to not cross their paths.

Dragons in MCPE
22 dragons will be added into the game

Dragons can be divided into a couple of categories: fire, frozen, poisonous/nature, lightning, ender dragons, and aether dragons.

Path to Aether

Build a portal and embark on a journey into a new dimension called Aether. Discover new biomes, mobs, and of course – tame dragons.

Aether Portal crafting recipe
Aether cow

What dragons can be used for

  • You can use them as a mount.
  • Dragon Scales can be collected by slaying dragons, a couple of scales would get used in crafting of Dragon Sword.
  • Diamond Shears – can be made if you want to collect Dragon Scales without violence.
  • Dragon Whistle – activates fire breath or another type of dragon’s ranged attack.
  • Dragon Armor – protects dragons and make them look bulkier.
  • Cannon – protects villages from dragons, you can ride on it.
  • Dragon Eggs – you can raise a dragon from the egg, each egg has its specific requirements to successfully hatch.
Dragon Egg
To hatch Dragon Egg successfully, you must put it in a specific environment.
Aether dragon

Enable “Experimental Gameplay”

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What seeds should i use for the map if i am using minecraft education since it works on that to

I think you just put the egg in a crafting slot and it turns into a hatchable egg and then you click/tap hold on it. Just a guess.

To ride the dragon click/hold tap on it. Then look up to go up, down to go down, straight to stay where your are.

hey john davis can we get a xenomorph mod and maybe map also i would like you to make a morph mod that allows you to morph into creatures that this mod comes with and morph with 1.16 mobs that would b great thanks

Hi I was just wondering if u could make a mod were elytras look like angel wings when u put them please I need then thx!

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