Addons for MCPE 1.20.73

War Vehicles addon

War Vehicles will guarantee a military advantage in any Minecraft PE conflict.

In modern war, it is all about the technologies you use, not just the size of the army. Minecraft was stuck in the stone age – all these bows and swords are very ineffective. Now tanks will be the king of the land, air will be dominated by fighter jets, the sea will be held by submarines.


How to get all vehicles

The easiest way to get all vehicles and ammo is to use the following commands.

  • /function allvehicles
  • /function allammo

Each gun and every vehicle requires to be equipped with its compatible ammo type. You can look up a needed ammo type on the image that shows a vehicle.

M2 Browning

All vehicles don’t require any fuel or keys to start rolling. The controls are standard for that kind of addons, meaning that you’re going to be using arrows.

Cougar MRAP
URAL 4320

Most vehicles can fit several people at the same time, where two seats – are the lowest number, and the highest being eleven.

Fv510 Warrior
M1a2 Sepv3
Challenger 2

Aircraft possess devastating power allowing you to make killing blows from safe distances. It is a bit hard to control flying vehicles on mobile devices, though.

Sukhoi Su-30
UH-60 Blackhawk
MH-6 Little Bird

Enable all Experimental options in the world settings.

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