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Space PE addon

Travel through space to other planets in Minecraft PE, and colonize Mars.

Travel through space to other planets in Minecraft PE, and colonize Mars. Become the first man to step on the surface of Venus, Mars, and Mercury. Collect precious extraterrestrial minerals to upgrade your rocket and travel even further.


Let’s talk Aluminum ore. It’s the main component to be used in craft in this addon. So, we’ve managed to find and gather Aluminum ore – now we need to create an alloy. To do so, we’ll be using a Crucible furnace. Mix some Aluminum and Iron on the Crafting Table and then burn Alumiron in a Crucible furnace.

Start with building a rocket

How to build a rocket

The Hull of the rocket should be light enough to be able to take off the planet. In our case, we’ll be using an Aluminium and Iron alloy. Don’t forget about the Rocket fuel, or your space carrier won’t go far. Use rocket fuel when already in the rocket – just tap below yourself. Last but not least, set up the launchpad from Aluminum blocks and place the rocket on it.

To the Moon

Our first stop on the space mission will be the Moon. On its hard rocky surface, you can find two new minerals – cheese and sapphire. Cheese is edible, but the sapphire is your ticket to the next planet. After gathering all ore, you should go back home on an Earth module.

Earth module

Cover your rocket with a layer of freshly gathered sapphire, and you’re ready to go to Mars.

Rocket to Mars
Space Zombie boss

On every planet besides the Moon, will be a boss fight with some decent rewards. After defeating a space zombie boss, you can get a Redstone heart, an item used in the craft.

Redstone Heart crafts

On Mars, you can just use a pickaxe to mine – the rock is too hard. Instead, create a Mining Drill that has the power to collect Ruby.

Mining Drill

You will be doing similar steps on every other planet, basically, so I won’t repeat myself and just attach crafting recipes instead.

Rocket to Venus
Rocket to Mercury
Space Buggy

Enable all Experimental options in the world settings.

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