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Security Turret addon

Are you feeling unsafe in your home in Minecraft PE?

Are you feeling unsafe in your home in Minecraft PE? Security Turret is to solve your problems with creepers, zombies, and other nasty creatures. A big machine gun with an automatic aiming system will secure the perimeter around your homestead.

Security Turret in the work

Switch between six modes of fire to build a tower defense that can stop hordes of zombies.

Turret modes:

  • Normal mode – the default mode of the turret, use an arrow to turn on this mode.
  • Slow Mode – the turret’s shooting will be now snaring the target, the mode can be activated using a slowness arrow.
  • Harming Mode – deals direct damage to the health, but doesn’t harm the undead. Activate it using the Instant Damage arrow.
  • Wither Mode – applies the wither effect on a target. The arrow of decay activates the mode.
  • Poison Mode – getting hit by these arrows applies periodical damage on the target. Arrow of poison is the item to turn on this mode.
  • Healing Mode – this turret can heal you in its range. You need to specify who is to be healed by a turret. Use the following command to do so, fill the blank space with a nickname. /tag @p[name=”_“] add turret_heal
How to craft a turret

If you want turrets to recognize someone as a foe, type in this command. /tag @p[name=”_“] add turret_foe

Enable all Experimental options in the world settings.

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