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Ether addon

Travel to the Ether, a cloudy new dimension, based on Aether mod.

Travel to the Ether, a cloudy new dimension, based on Aether mod. Unveil all its secrets, fight for treasures and collect a new resource – Ether ore.

Ether ore

The most exciting thing about such addons is exploration. And this dimension has something to offer to fellow adventurers. For instance, there is a giant temple floating in the sky, with challenging rooms inside it and mobs to fight.

Whairle – a peaceful flying whale

There are many creatures in this dimension, and no all of them are friendly.

New mobs:

  • Dharkmoa – peaceful bird-like creatures.
  • Pigfly – flying pig that can be ridden.
  • Hornabbit – rabbits with horns.
  • Whairle – flying whale.
  • Reptilether – beefy reptile.
  • jetherllyfish – flying jellyfish.
  • Etherfish – just a fish.
  • CowFlys – a flying cow.
  • Surckers – a creeper analog.
  • Detheer – green ugly deer.
  • Dethermon – demonic creatures that live in a tribe.
  • Lavacol – lava snail.
  • Wardgma – hostile magma golem.
  • Skelether – skeleton with wings.
  • Gethers – a dangerous ghost creature that can kill you instantly. To deal with you need to craft Extractor Gun – use it to extract 4 pieces of essence from him and craft a bomb.
  • Zombether – weird zombie.
  • Stoompfools – tanky boss.
  • Bossether – a flying boss, has two stages.
  • Dethermon Boss – king of all Dethermon.
  • Flowether Serpent boss – flower-like boss.
Flying on a pig

How to get to Ether?

Create a portal on a Crafting Table using a Bucket of Water and Glowstone. You will get an item – put it on the ground first and then tap on it with a hand.

Portal to Ether crafting recipe
Small portal

Make sure to enable all “Experimental gameplay” options in a world setting.

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