Addons for MCPE 1.21.0


Harness the power of ancient magic to become Werewolf or Vampire in Minecraft PE.

Harness the power of ancient magic to become a Werewolf or Vampire in Minecraft PE. Discover supernatural abilities within yourself to wreak havoc across the world. Drink blood to evolve and develop your natural skills even further.

How to become a Vampire

Becoming a Vampire is not the easiest task. Start with hunting the vampires around the world to get a weak vampire tooth. Use this item to initiate your transformation. In case you wish to revert to your human form, simply consume hot milk obtained by heating a bucket of milk in a furnace.

Mastering Vampire Skills

As a vampire, you possess the unique ability to drink blood. By doing that you can unlock an extensive array of 24 additional skills. Collect blood into 11 blood bottles and pour them into a blood altar. Then, use specific items associated with each skill to unlock and acquire new abilities.

Unleashing the Inner Werewolf

For those seeking an alternative to vampirism, the path of the werewolf awaits. Defeat vampires to acquire the moon curse, an essential ingredient for your transformation into a formidable werewolf. Just like a vampire, you can use the same process to acquire new skills through the blood altar.

Embrace the Hunter’s Destiny

Not content with the allure of vampires and werewolves? Embark on a unique journey as a hunter. Craft an empty syringe from glass and iron, infuse it with garlic, and discover the unparalleled skill system available to hunters.

The Cure for Immortality

If being an immortal starts to burden you and you seek relief from the curse of immortality create a healing potion. Combine the philosopher’s stone, obtained by defeating the vampire mage, with water and the moon curse or vampire tooth, depending on your affliction. This powerful concoction, known as the cure, can reverse the effects of vampirism or lycanthropy, restoring you to your original form.

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