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More Simple Structures v4.7 addon

We need more simple structures in Minecraft PE – a standard generated world is dull and empty.

We need more simple structures in Minecraft PE – a standard-generated world is dull and empty. The addon highly affects the exploration aspect of the game, making your ordinary journeys in search of food and resources more intriguing and meaningful.


An astonishing number of 100 structures will be randomly spawning in your world. Every biome has its own set of structures that can appear there. Many of them are abandoned, but there is always something inside to be of use for the player.

Abandoned Mansion
Lumberjack Cabin
Mesa Temple
Mooshroom house
Pear tree
Spike Trap

Besides dozens of structures, the addon introduces several new types of plants, mobs, and items.


What’s changed:

  • New simple structures were added.
  • New plants.

Enable all Experimental options in the world settings.

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It’s good but it spams my chat with “Game rule commandblockoutput has been updated to false” can that be fixed?

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