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Happy Family

Build your virtual family in Minecraft PE, using this addon.

Build your virtual family in Minecraft PE, using this addon. The addon adds new NPCs for you to build bonds and relationships. Happy Family is heavily inspired by a mod called – Minecraft Comes Alive, which is only available on Java version of the game.

How to get a girlfriend and make a baby

As I’ve already said, you can get a virtual girlfriend thanks to this addon. More than that, you can create a family and make a baby.

Find a boy/girl NPC

The addon features female and male types of villagers. To start dating with either sex, you must first become friends. Get near the NPC and hold an item called “Phone Number” – for a button to show up, and press it.

Asking a girl for her phone number

Now when you’re friends, get a Diamond Ring and propose to your crush.

Wifes can cook

You can ask your wife to cook for you by giving her raw meat.

A toddler

Making a baby

After you become a couple, the process of pregnancy will begin immediately. It will take two hours for your wife to born a baby.

New trees

You can ask your wife or husband for a favor. To do so, hold in your hand a specific item assigned for a job.

  • Mining – hold a Diamond Pickaxe.
  • Fishing – hold a Fishing Rod.
  • Logging – hold a Diamond Axe.
  • Farming – hold a Diamond Hoe.
  • Hunting – hold a Bow.

Enable “Experimental Gameplay”

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