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Cave Update addon

Cave Update addon fantasies on how would look a highly anticipated cave related update in Minecraft PE.

Cave Update addon fantasies on how would look a highly anticipated cave related update in Minecraft PE. Imagine completely new cave biomes, new mobs, and even underground villages. Let’s take a closer look at all new content this addon is packed with.

New chests


End Portal – is now will be generating in the caves as well, I will remind you, that usually it can be found only in strongholds.

Spider Nest – this place is filled with webs, spiders, and their eggs.

Ancient Nether Portals – similar to those that can be found on the surface, not working but easy to repair.

Vase – is a new type of loot containers that contain rusty iron keys, an item needed to open new chests.

Iron and Gold Chests – those chests are very rare, they are locked by default, and can be opened only using specific keys, sometimes the chest can be a mimic in reality.

Cave desert biome


Bone Club – can be found only in new chests, has a powerful knockback effect, and unlimited durability.

Friendly Spider Nest – an item dropped by Spider Matriarch, that when placed, will be spawning friendly to you – spiders.

Jungle Cave biome


Lava Desert biome

Cave Desert biome

Jungle Cave biome

Spider Matriarch


Villager Miners – trapped villagers that can be freed, and if you feed them after, they will show you the way to the nearest village.

Glow Worms – those worms are fluorescent, which means they are glowing in the dark. They are also dropping Glow Goo, which can be used to gain a Night vision.

Ore Crawlers – these little creatures feeding with ore, and if you kill them, you can get that ore.

Mimics – impersonate themselves as a real chest.

Undead Miner – a type of zombie armed with pickaxe.

Brood Spider


Matriarch spider – To summon the Matriarch Spider, you must craft the Matriarch Spider Spawn Block using 4 Spider Hearts and 5 string. Place down the block and break it to get the spawn egg.

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