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Battlecraft 3D addon

Battlecraft is a new level of war addons for Minecraft PE that has it all – guns and vehicles.

Battlecraft is a new level of war addons for Minecraft PE that has it all – guns and vehicles. Utilize 25 guns and 11 vehicles to exterminate evil in your world or play online multiplayer battles with your friends.

M16 rifle

How to get guns and vehicles

Right now, you can’t craft the items in survival, so we’re ought to use commands.

  • Start by typing – /give @p battlefield:
  • You will see the list of all kinds of guns and vehicles that can be added to your inventory.
  • For example, type in the following command to receive an M16 rifle – /give @p battlefield:m16a2
  • Adding ammo at the end of that command will result in receiving 30 ammo shells for that gun. Ex. /give @p battlefield:m16a2_ammo
Battle Helicopter
Battle Tank

Almost every gun has a functional sight that can be used for a more accurate aim. To shoot, simply tap on a screen while holding a gun. Make sure the gun is loaded.


Battleground addon has successfully received a Fortnite update. This one adds superheroes that can be hunted down to get their respective suit.

Iron Man’s suit
Fortnite wall

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j’ai installer le mods mais il y a rien, je l’ai activer puis marquer les commande toujours rien,
quelqu’un pourrait m’aider svp merci

Cet addon est assez ancien, il se peut qu’il ne soit pas compatible avec la version actuelle du jeu. Je vais essayer de chercher la nouvelle version, merci. Sorry for Google traslate

wait what fortnite never had those abram tanks and fortnite never had black hawks fortnite only had choppers and io tanks not abram tank

wheres fortnite wall and iron man suit i gott arathnido iron man mod it better you can use suit even his armor and laser pulsles and switch diffrent suit

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